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Shiatsu in modules

Many people are looking to learn useful new skills from quality short courses that can help others.

With this in mind we have structured our Shiatsu Course into flexible modules, with quality content. Our experience and reputation are your assurance.

Shiatsu Madrid - Digitopuntura y Masaje en Silla - Las Matas - Las Rozas - MadridShiatsu Madrid - Digitopuntura y Masaje en Silla - Las Matas - Las Rozas - Madrid

Course structure:

The course is structured in three modules of 4 – 3 – 3 seminars, each one complete and independent in itself and each module builds on the previous one.

A certificate of attendance will be given on the completion of each module with a list of the work done and covered, printed on the back.

Who can come:

The course modules are equally suitable for:

  • Beginners, with no previous knowledge of bodywork.
  • Massage, reflexology and other bodyworkers wanting to enrich their work with a new focus, perspectives and techniques.
  • Shiatsu students and experienced practitioners, who would like to re-evaluate the essentials of Shiatsu and also learn some effective basic frame sequences.

You can do only one module on its own without committing to the others. Beginners must start with module 1, in which the key concepts of shiatsu are included.


You will study the origins and key concepts of Shiatsu and put into practice the essential principles and postures that will allow you to utilize your body effectively.

You will not only learn Shiatsu techniques to help and treat others but also, self-shiatsu, yoga, chi kung and other energy enhancing exercises, breathing and relaxation techniques , simple natural health remedies, important food facts for a healthy diet, visualisation and focusing methods, basic anatomy and physiology. Segments of what we call “Living Anatomy” where you feel, touch and associate with the muscles and bones and in some cases the organs over which we work, will be incorporated into the Anatomy learning process so that you can have a clearer and more practical concept and understanding of how the body mechanics work.

You will have two caring experienced teachers, Barry and María José, to support and help you in your journey to discover your potential, flexibility, sensitivity, clarity and ability to improve and help yourself and others.

On completion:

Each module ( of four or three weekends ) will provide you with sufficient techniques to give a basic frame relaxing Shiatsu to friends or family in one of the four positions; prone, supine, side or seated. Existing bodyworkers can incorporate all or part of the basic frame sequences into their present practices.

For those who would like to continue their Shiatsu training: – completing all three modules, the required Anatomy & Physiology studies, along with at least 60 completed and written treatments, are the equivalent to a first year of a professional Shiatsu training.


  • Prices: 95€ per seminar. Total: 380€ first module. 285€ each, second and third modules.
  • Reserve: 50€ per seminar.
  • Early bird discount: Full payment first module, 342 € instead of 380 €

Dates:  To be announced shortly


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