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Seated Acupressure and Massage Course (Advanced Level)

Some of the people that have attended our Chair Course would like to further their technical knowledge and refine their sensitivity.

In response to this, we have designed an Advanced Course.

Shiatsu Madrid - Digitopuntura y Masaje en Silla - Las Matas - Las Rozas - MadridShiatsu Madrid - Digitopuntura y Masaje en Silla - Las Matas - Las Rozas - Madrid

What will it include:

  • We will bring you up to date on some of the new subtle techniques we are now including in the basic sequence to increase its effectiveness along with some Living Anatomy work.
  • A five minute sequence, taster session you can give to prospective clients to entice them to come for a longer session and which you can use in crowd situations to give short treatments to larger numbers of people.
  • Additional techniques for specific areas of tension i.e. neck, shoulders and lower back and how and when to include them for maximum effect.
  • How and where to shorten or lengthen the basic sequence.
  • A continuation of the upper body treatment into the lower body legs and feet.
  • How to give a basic acupressure facial treatment on the chair.
  • An opportunity for you to share, relate, learn and participate with others who also use the chair.


  • Price: 80 € (40 € reserve).
  • Duration: 10 h.

If you are interested in this course, contact us.

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  • Hola…
    Teneis previsto algún Curso de digitopuntura y masaje en silla en los próximos meses?
    Un Abrazo

    Escrito por Javier el 25/01/2016 a las 20:04

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