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Why is it so popular? Curso de Digitopuntura y Masaje en silla

Published on13/08/2013 in Digitopuntura y masaje en silla

This course is so popular because it is very effective. Once properly learned it requires only a short treatment time (20 mins.) for a receiver to feel positive physical changes their body.With regular weekly treatments over time, receivers can also notice positive changes in mental and emotional issues and find it easier to change destructive habits and thoughts. Noticeable improvements in general health and attitude often result.

Its effectiveness is due to the order of the sequence, the rhythm and continuity with which it is carried out, along with the correct perpendicular pressure and relaxed mental and physical state of the giver.

All the above components together constitute the KATA, the manner, way and attitude given to the treatment ritual by the GIVER. If done correctly the KATA does the work and the GIVER allows it to flow through without trying to force his/her will to change the RECEIVER’S state.

Moving and dancing with the KATA, the GIVER gives and also receives in the giving and the RECEIVER, receives the ritual of the KATA and takes in what is needed at the moment. Both benefit, one passively, one actively.

This is not a course of a series of techniques, from which we as GIVER are going to choose what to use to make someone feel better.

It’s about giving and allowing the RECEIVER to choose from the whole what they need at that time. It’s about trusting, sharing and enjoying a whole experience.

Without an agenda of “wanting to fix”, it is sometimes amazing what actually “does get fixed”.

Note: Our next Course is on the 28-29th September

Avocado and orange salad

Published on15/06/2013 in Alimentación

This salad is one of the most popular in our Course “Comer de otra manera”. As it is the end of the orange season, we would like to share it with you now, so that you can enjoy it before the next winter.

For two to three people, you need:

_2 ripe avocados
_2 oranges
_Flaked almonds
_Extra virgin olive oil
_Apple cider vinegar
_1/4 teaspon of hot mustard
_ Sea salt
_A little honey

*Peel avocados and oranges. Cut them in slices.

*Put alternate layers of avocado and orange onto a flat plate.

*Make a vinaigrette mixing oil, vinegar, mustard, salt and honey. Dress the salad with it.

*Sprinkle the flaked almonds on top and serve.

Oranges are refreshing and rich in vitamin C. Avocados provide a healthy fat similar to olive oil and are also a good source of vits. A, B and E. Almonds give a good supply of calcium.


Published on14/06/2013 in Shiatsu

With the present crisis affecting so many, we at Shiatsu and Well – being have been asking ourselves how we are contributing to help alleviate the common problems and difficulties that people are experiencing at the moment. If we look at the comments from the people that come to us for treatments, many of them after a treatment tell us that they feel better mentally,physically and emotionally, with comments like :-

”  Lighter,”” Calmer,” ” More mentally clarity,”  “Move more easily, ” ” more alive ”  ” More centered,” ” Happier.” With this kind of  feedback we have to believe we are contributing something positive,  for if only one person goes away feeling more hopeful, more secure in his/ her own worth or with no or less pain thanks to Shiatsu or Seated acupressure massage our contribution is assured.

As we organize courses we have noticed the fall in the number of people registering: The crisis affects everyone and everything. However, as more than one person has come to us precisely because their personal situations were difficult and they wanted to re-orientate and re-animate new enthusiasm into their lives, this, gives us hope and reaffirms our work as Shiatsu professionals in these times of crisis.

A Happy Summer to you all !

The TRIPLE effect of Shiatsu

Published on23/05/2013 in Shiatsu

SHIATSU has a triple effect because the Shiatsu therapist activates three different levels:

1º._ The physical level. Using deep, characteristic perpendicular pressure / penetration, the Shiatsu therapist releases body tensions and aches. In this way, Shiatsu is similar to traditional massage, but it is not massage.

2º._The mental and emotional level. The therapist, through being calm and centered, transmits this to the receiver. In this way, Shiatsu is like meditation.

3º._ The universal energy level. Through the therapist trust in a universal force that he can channel, energy is transmitted to the receiver. In this way,  Shiatsu is similar to Reiki, but it is not Reiki.

The richness of Shiatsu can only be EXPERIENCED by receiving a Shiatsu treatment. Often, people believe in Shiatsu after they have experienced it!

Why not treat yourself to Shiatsu and experience it?


Cooking course: 2nd of June, 2013

Published on12/05/2013 in Cursos

Our next Cooking course, “Comer de otra manera”, will take place on the 2nd of June. This is its 9th year. It’s continued success we believe is due to it being very practical and fun, in addition to providing information about little known food facts.

We start the day making breakfast: carrot juice…then, various other options people can choose. For lunch we will be cooking various cereals not commonly used, such as quinoa, millet, maize…plus a variety of dressings and sauces. For the sweet tooth, there will be biscuits and cake made with spelt, wholemeal flour and unrefined sugar.

In between the food preparations, we shall chat about topics that concern many of us: what is a balanced diet?, is it possible to eat healthily if we are busy people?, is it possible to find organic or good quality food at a reasonable price?, is salt harmful to our health? Etc.

In our Shiatsu training we studied the importance of food. Over the years we have continued to research and experiment with the important role that food has in restoring and maintaining our health. 


Published on10/05/2013 in Varios

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