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Are you sure it’s because of your age?

Publicado el 28/07/2016 en Salud

DSC_0172Frequently one hears people in all age groups (with the possible exception of the very young) attribute their aches and pains, their lack of energy, lack of enthusiasm, their scepticism, hopelessness, apprehension etc., etc., solely to their age.

These physical / psychic changes do more than just disarm us; they are often the result of continued stress and a continuing state of discontent. When someone I know blames their ills on age I try to encourage them to reflect and find the real reasons behind their negative mind state. They are the only ones that can alter it to recover their wellbeing and / or to feel more optimistic about life.


At the start of Plato’s Republic, Socrates asks the ancient Céfalo if he considers old age to be the cruelest period of life. And he replies, certainly not, and that those who lament and cry that the cause of their ills is their age, need to be told that on the contrary, the cause is their own character, and that a bitter character and the inability to accept the conditions of life in each period are the causes of unhappiness, not only in the old but also in the young.

The novelist Almudena Grandes, being interviewed by a journalist on the question of age, smilingly replied that, apart from a few extra kilos and wrinkles, the years have brought her, power, knowledge, and a major sense of control. The journalist then commented that now at 60 she was starting a new creative stage.


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  • Hi – nice pic and thought-provoking post! As you say, the experience of age seems to vary for so many people. Some people seem to stay sprightly for ever, whilst others experience a range of health issues.

    Shiatsu – along with diet and exercise – can be part of the raft of approaches to stay healthy, alert and happy.

    Escrito por catherine scanlon el 27/08/2016 a las 19:35

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