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Health_ Half empty or Half full?

Publicado el 12/07/2016 en Salud

DSC_0248As living beings it is natural for us to be healthy. Sickness or dis-ease is a sign that we have or are, moving away from our natural state.

Our bodies have been identifying, changing, converting, destroying and preventing invading substances and organisms inside us since before we were born.

In Chinese Medicine it is recognised that the majority of illnesses are emotional in origin. Although we cannot always control events in our lives it is our beliefs about these events which bring on emotional distress. Constant negative beliefs / emotions change our internal environment via the hormonal endocrine system and in turn, affect our natural state to be healthy.

We can change our beliefs. Our emotions are related to our beliefs, not to the events in our lives. Changing our beliefs changes our emotions which in turn can change our internal environment.


Event – diagnosed with a potential serious disease.

Belief – I’m going to be bedridden, a burden to myself, dependant on others.

Emotions – fear, worry, depression.

If we change the Belief to – I may or may not be ill with this disease, but what I do with my life now will make a huge difference. I can get well.

If we constantly remind our self of this new belief so that it becomes true for us we will begin to note the difference in our emotions – more confident, calm, inspired etc. Positive emotions influence our internal energies and help us return to our natural state of health.

So if you are concerned about a health problem look at the belief behind the emotions it generates – If the emotions it brings up are negative and the belief behind them is not changed your health condition may fluctuate from half empty to empty. Change the belief to change the feelings and give yourself the opportunity to go from health half full to full health.

Our life or desire to live, energy is always increased when we are doing activities / work which make us feel joy and deep fulfilment. Strive towards this ideal,



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