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Greek salad

Publicado el 07/07/2016 en Alimentación

DSC_0233 This delicious salad is an ideal light nutritious meal during the summer months.

Its ingredients couldn’t be more Mediterranean: tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, onions and olives, all of which grow in abundance in southern Europe and conjure up images of long sunny days, happiness and holidays. All these ingredients are full of essential vitamins, minerals and water. The topping of feta cheese with its “piquant” taste is characteristic for this salad and provides protein, supplying from the nutritional point of view, a complete meal.

Making it is simplicity itself:

For 4 people we need three or four ripe tomatoes, one or two cucumbers, one medium red onion and a handful of tasty black olives. Finally a portion of feta cheese, extra virgin olive oil, some oregano and possibly a little salt (feta is quiet salty).

Cut the tomatoes, cucumbers and pepper into pieces, the onion into rings. Place all into a dish and dress the salad with the oil and a little salt if needed. Add the olives, put the feta portion on top sprinkled with some dried oregano and a drizzle of olive oil. Accompany this with a piece of good quality toasted bread and indulge in another drizzle of oil on the bread if the fancy takes you. — And Enjoy  !!!



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  • Ayyyy que rrrricooo, mañana me compro
    el feta y me lo zampo!

    Escrito por marieta el 01/08/2016 a las 21:17

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