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A new cycle starts

Publicado el 10/03/2016 en Salud

DSC_0078 (1)This last weekend we were out for our customary walk in the countryside by some neighbouring mountains. We had cloud, sunshine, wind and cold. The remains of snow were thawing and melting into water which was flowing down the path we were following. The combination of weather conditions along with the body heat generated by our brisk walking was invigorating. It provided both a mental and a physical stimulation and a profound sense of connection with nature.

A feeling of wholeness / completeness prevailed.

Watching the manifestations of nature along our walk was fascinating:- a partial blanket of snow in places suspended over plants and bushes dripping and infusing into the ground with the excess liquid running onto the exposed earth and being carried down the sloping terrain into pools which in turn overflowed to levels further down. The wind rippling on the crystal clear rivulets of water, rocking and swaying the leaves, fresh buds and jewel like water drops on the newly exposed plants.

Everything was fresh and clean, standing upright, strong and proud – rejuvenated!!! Spring has arrived, a new cycle starts, Nature has prepared and is ready to go.


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