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Holistic: Physical, mental, spiritual

Publicado el 21/02/2016 en Salud

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We often hear that Holistic relates to the whole person:- physically, mentally and spiritually. How can we explain this so that we can understand how all these concepts work together in us as human beings?

Recently I came across an explanation of Holistic (in a little book entitled “Making Joint Decisions” by Anne Hunt). I found it gave me a much clearer appreciation of the term Holistic.

If we imagine our life as a movie played by an old time projector:- The light that shines from the projector through the film is the spiritual or life force which is always constant and available, each frame of the  film that passes through the projector is a mental thought and what we see on the screen is the physical result. What kind of life we have is a result of all our thoughts. We always have the option to change our thoughts if we don’t like what’s happening in our lives. The light or life force is constant but our connection with it depends on the type and clarity of each thought (or frame) we have at any moment. A clear purpose and direction in life is essential so that we are not constantly changing our minds sabotaging our life, our health, achieving little and going nowhere.

Our mental faculties are the mediator between our physical and spiritual selves. We can take care of our mental state with meditation, mindfulness, relaxation, sufficient sleep and rest, reading inspiring literature, appreciating nature… this will allow a strong life force to filter through the mental and project into the physical.


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