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Back pain

Publicado el 27/02/2016 en Salud


The vast majority of adults have suffered back pain at some point in their lives, acute or chronic or just the stiff soreness resulting from strenuous exercise or work.

Degenerated or herniated spinal discs were thought to be the main causes of back pain but studies in recent years have shown that most middle aged adults have some degree of disc degeneration and a large proportion of these have herniated discs but have no back pain symptoms.

It is obviously necessary if one has a problem to ensure that no structural obstructions, growths, illnesses or infections are the cause of the back pain and this should be checked out by a competent doctor, particularly if it is acute and constant or if one has lose of function or numbness.

There can be many reasons for back pain but by far the majority of cases according to many doctors are caused by muscle strain, medically defined as:- a partial rupture (“causing pain on muscle stretch but no loss of strength”) or total rupture (“causing pain, loss of function and bruising”). However “muscle strain” seems to be used as a general term when no obvious cause for the pain can be found.

Interestingly there is a growing body of medical experts who now believe there is strong evidence that most cases of back pain are caused by a deprivation of oxygen to the muscles with a resulting build up of waste products in the cells, tendons and ligaments. This apparently aggravates and interferes with the normal functioning and conduction of nerve impulses in the muscles and related structures.

In the majority of  back pain cases there seems to be a clear and important psychological component to the pain. It is thought that mentally repressed emotions (anger, fear etc.) build up over time and appear to find some physical release through the autonomic nervous system by constricting the small blood vessels in the main structural muscles of the back and over time this triggers the pain.

A sudden movement or something as simple as bending suddenly can bring on the onset of muscle back spasm and/or pain. It can be severe and acute, of short duration or build up gradually into a chronic back    ache. There appear to be many ways in which it can manifest.

For anyone who suffers from periodic or constant back pain where no clear cause for it has been found you may find the cure to your back pain simply by reading the book (“Healing Back Pain” The Mind – Body Connection by John E. Sarno, M.D.)

Here is a medical specialist with many years of experience in treating Back Pain problems who now treats his patients, very successfully, by just talking to them. Check him out.


Factors which may cause or contribute to back pain are:- bad posture or postural deformities, sitting slouched, ill fitting footwear or high heels, lifting and straining without bending the knees, sleeping on too soft a mattress. A number of medical conditions may also be responsible including calcium deficiency.








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Holistic: Physical, mental, spiritual

Publicado el 21/02/2016 en Salud

IMG-20160115-WA0002 (1)

We often hear that Holistic relates to the whole person:- physically, mentally and spiritually. How can we explain this so that we can understand how all these concepts work together in us as human beings?

Recently I came across an explanation of Holistic (in a little book entitled “Making Joint Decisions” by Anne Hunt). I found it gave me a much clearer appreciation of the term Holistic.

If we imagine our life as a movie played by an old time projector:- The light that shines from the projector through the film is the spiritual or life force which is always constant and available, each frame of the  film that passes through the projector is a mental thought and what we see on the screen is the physical result. What kind of life we have is a result of all our thoughts. We always have the option to change our thoughts if we don’t like what’s happening in our lives. The light or life force is constant but our connection with it depends on the type and clarity of each thought (or frame) we have at any moment. A clear purpose and direction in life is essential so that we are not constantly changing our minds sabotaging our life, our health, achieving little and going nowhere.

Our mental faculties are the mediator between our physical and spiritual selves. We can take care of our mental state with meditation, mindfulness, relaxation, sufficient sleep and rest, reading inspiring literature, appreciating nature… this will allow a strong life force to filter through the mental and project into the physical.


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Our next Course

Publicado el 13/02/2016 en Sin categoría

2013-10-27 12.36.42

There are less than two months until our next Course of “Digitopuntura en silla”, which starts on the 2 / 3 April.

In You- tube we have a video showing extracts from our last chair course. In addition, you can read some commentaries from students who have attended previous courses with us. You can also read our blog articles explaining the characteristics and advantages of chair massage.

If you want, send us an e-mail, or give us a ring on 91-636-81-28, for more information. We will be happy to answer all your questions.


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A sweet broth

Publicado el 11/02/2016 en Sin categoría

Caldo dulce

Sometime ago a Shiatsu friend recommended a recipe for headaches which worked well for me. Here it is:

You need four “round” vegetables: Onion, carrot, pumpkin and cabbage.

Cut the onion in large pieces, two or three carrots also in pieces, a section of pumpkin and one of cabbage. Put them into a pot, cover with water and on a low heat let it simmer for about 45 minutes.

Leave the broth to stand for several minutes and then drink it either hot or warm or you can drink it throughout the day. You can discard the vegetables or use them in a soup or stew. The major parts of the nutrients are in the broth but the vegetables contain fibre.

Sweetness is the taste that corresponds to the element Earth in Chinese Medicine. In us humans the, Earth element corresponds to our stability and is related with the digestive system and our capacity to assimilate at various levels. Headaches can be related to nervousness and agitation, a state of worry and preoccupation. If we help our bodies to calm down by providing them with foods that correspond to the Earth element taste it can help the person regain their equilibrium.

Many Chinese doctors today suggest food as a cure before advising prescribed drugs.

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