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Autumn air

Publicado el 19/11/2015 en Salud

Aire de otoñoSeveral weeks of autumn have just slipped by and all around us we can start to see nature preparing for the winter months ahead, changing colours, shedding leaves, energy going inwards and conserving and renovating   her reserves.

On our regular walks into the countryside we notice, the air is now cooler, fresher and also clearer and more invigorating. We see the leaves of bright yellows and orange and rustic reds on some of the trees among the robust dark green encinas and other evergreens. In the autumn air breezes and flurries the leaves like fiesta confetti dance and swirl around us laying mottled coloured carpets to walk on and appreciate and reflect on. All these bright colours are given back to the earth to recycle again into the plants and trees.

We see all these chakra colours (reds, oranges, yellows and greens) as a delightful reminder for us to prepare ourselves to keep warm and hearty and to nourish ourselves with similar coloured foods (like carrots, oranges, lemons, edible red berries, cabbages etc.)

It seems like the colours of the three lower chakras are being temporarily put aside to be nourished and recharged ready for the next year’s cycle. Green the colour of our middle chakra (heart), is the constant link to our three higher chakras which now need to be focused on, with reflexion and meditation:-

Our Communication (blue) both with ourselves and with others.

Our Intuition (indigo) – to expand our consciousness and gain insights into our life’s purpose.

Our Spirituality (violet) – to help us find our connection with nature and the universal energy.

Start now to slow down and give yourself time for more reflexion and meditation. Get out in the autumn air, let go of the old in this autumn seasons breezes and start to recycle and rejuvenate ready for the start of the next seasonal New Year.

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