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A salt bath

Publicado el 15/09/2015 en Salud

epsom-salt-crystal-bather-mVery often we can help ourselves with simple remedies that can ease common aches and pains. One of the most useful we have found to be: – soaking in a hot bath (with about 2 kgs of coarse natural sea salt dissolved in the water) for 20 minutes or more. This can often thoroughly relax mind and body and take away aches and pains from stressed muscles and joints. It cost little and can have great results.

Always try to use natural sea salt which does not have any additives put in to stop the salt clogging. About 2kgs to an average bath full of water gives a sufficient concentration to draw out toxins from our skin. The water should be hot enough so that you can comfortable get in and the water should cover your body when you lie down in it. Try to maintain the water temperature for the time you are in the bath to allow toxins causing pain to be drawn out.

This simple inexpensive remedy has helped many people and is one that we often recommend to our friends and clients. I remember an ex student of ours who phoned one day and asked if we could suggest any thing that she could do that may help her brother who had been suffering for some time from sciatica and lower back pain. He had apparently been receiving physiotherapy without much result. We suggested she advise her brother to try salt baths to see if they would help. A few months later she was in touch and was delighted to be able to tell us that her brother had been using the salt baths regularly and no longer had sciatica or lower back problems.

Aah! So much from simple things.


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Publicado el 04/09/2015 en Digitopuntura y masaje en silla

SillasSome of the first chairs ergonomically designed for giving massages were produced in the USA in the mid nineteen eighties. The wooden chair in the above photo is a replica of one of these, alongside a lighter and more modern metal version. Over the succeeding years new and lighter metal models were developed which have proved popular with manual therapists because of their versatility and transportability, why:

* They are relatively light; can easily be carried around and set up quickly in a small space (needs approx. 2 metres sq.)

* The chair offers maximum support and allows the client to relax completely.

* The back, neck and shoulders, one of the most stressed areas of the body are amply exposed and the therapist can work without obstruction and easily move around the client.


Although there are many forms of manual bodywork that can be done on the chair; for maximum effect and minimum fuss (which allows the client to stay fully clothed), a combination of acupressure and massage techniques applied in a determined and rhythmic manner have been found to be extremely effective in general and particularly so in the work environment for relaxing and reducing stress levels.

This type of bodywork done in the workplace is typically known as”on-site massage” because the therapist takes and sets up the chair at the place of the client but equally it can be done from anywhere else as  a relaxation /de-stress treatment aid.

Anybody who effectively learns and applies these techniques will have a marvellous tool at their disposal to help friends and family even if they do not wish to take it further. An ordinary chair or stool can be effectively and comfortably arranged to apply the sequence we teach.

Check out our video on u-tube on the opening page of our website to see a small part of the sequence.



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