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Josep Pàmies paradise

Publicado el 22/07/2015 en Salud

Equinácea pequeñaThis last weekend we visited Josep Pàmies garden of medicinal plants in Balaguer (Lérida). When we arrived and approached the gardens where Josep and his associates cultivate hundreds of medicinal plants we experienced that sensation of harmony and beauty that comes from places in nature that man treats with love and respect.

No chemical products are utilized in Pàmies horticoles to grow the plants and they (probably because of this) look splendid. Many of the plants are well known such as echinacea, oregano, thyme, mint, calendula, nettle, dandelion or horsetail.

Others are much more exotic, like Perilla or Shiso, that the Japanese use to neutralize and kill the worm anisakis in crude fish; Sutherlandia frutescens, from South Africa, that can be used against Aids; The Kalanchoes, (originally from South America) with cancer fighting properties; Stevia which regulates blood sugar and can be of great help for diabetics.

We could go on indefinitely: Artemisia, that combats malaria; Hipericum,for people with depression; Epilobio, indicated for problems with the prostate; Chanca piedra (stone breaker) for kidney stones etc., etc.

We strongly recommend a visit to Josep’s paradise; not just to see the plants, but you also have the opportunity to attend a meeting where people exchange their personal experiences on how the plants have helped them. Everybody can ask for advice about their own particular health problems from two experts in the use of medicinal plants.

Don’t miss reading Una dulce revolución, by Josep Pàmies: pass some precious moments and learn about plants, health and much, much more.









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2 comentarios

  • sounds like a lovely place with good practice and knowledge.

    Escrito por catherine scanlon el 22/07/2015 a las 23:28
  • Pues si por suerte, es así y gracias a ellos nos sentimos mucho mejor, una clase magistral sobre la vida.

    Escrito por marieta el 22/07/2015 a las 14:14

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