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Weekend Donosti

Publicado el 05/07/2015 en Digitopuntura y masaje en silla

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOn 26, 27 and 28 June we were at the Symposium of Médicos, Terapeutas y Sanadores  in Donosti. We had a stand in the concourse and gave short shiatsu and chair treatments (+/- 15 minutes) on the Saturday and Sunday. We treated over 60 people and received many encouraging comments and a lot of interest in how we give and apply our work.

Among the many comments written, some people described as having felt the following sensations after their treatments:- “liberated, connected, unblocked, like new, aligned, energised, in harmony.

We are delighted and grateful that our short treatments were able to produce these healing sensations and thank all those who commented.

It has been many years since either of us has given so many treatments over extended hours to so many people and we expected some physical reaction in our bodies after the weekend. To our surprise we have suffered no tiredness or stiffness – on the contrary, since the weekend we have felt and still do, energised, agile and open. We see this clearly as a result of the way in which we use and have taught our students to use their bodies when giving a treatment. If we weren’t sure before, we are now.

We met many people and got to know about a variety of effective new and old, alternative / complementary therapies that are helping people every day.

We found it very encouraging to see that a growing number of traditionally trained medical doctors are open to discussing and accepting the validity and effectiveness of alternative / complementary therapies.

Lets all look forward to more Symposiums of this nature and a future where a true fully integrated medicine can be practised.


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  • isn’t shiatsu wonderful – and isn’t it great that we can contribute in this way – as well as to receive this magical therapy…

    Escrito por catherine scanlon el 21/07/2015 a las 16:48

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