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Publicado el 16/05/2015 en Salud

palabrasA few days ago in a café in Madrid, I overheard a conversation between several friends that attracted my attention. They were describing an interesting incident in which someone reacted quiet unexpectedly and insulted a fellow citizen who was trying to politely bring attention to the inappropriate example and conduct she was giving to her child.

A few days earlier one of the friends walking with her husband behind a woman accompanied by a child saw the woman throw an empty cigarette packet onto the pavement when there was a waste bin close by. Trying to be diplomatic the husband called to the woman telling her she had dropped something. She turned around and replied “ it’s just an empty packet of cigarettes” and carried on walking away. The husband then pointed out that there was a waste bin close to her and that she wasn’t showing a very good example to the child. Her indignant reaction was to reply “ Machista!” and continue to march away.

Is he a machista for telling a woman in plain view of everyone to behave in a civic manner and to show a good example to her accompanying child? I don’t think so!!! And what an inappropriate response for the woman to give, A word to serve her interest at the moment as a woman victim.

In another article in our blog we refer to the inappropriate use of the word “ecological” to describe foods imported from the other side of the world. With just the environmental damages that are produced by transporting foods such large distances, how can we considered them to be ecological ( See Alimentos ecológicos “made” in China).

Unfortunately, this is not the only example of unclear definition in foodstuffs that are not conventional: only a few weeks ago we came across a company raising chickens for consumption and calling them “holistic” suspecting that the feed they had given them to gain weight was transgenic. The words holistic and transgenic are clearly incompatible. One can only assume they used the word holistic to serve their own interest!!!





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Healing together

Publicado el 10/05/2015 en Salud

Evento-FB-congreso-23-03-15Conventional and complementary / alternative medicine meet on the 26, 27and 28Th of June 2015 in San Sebastián (Donostia) to exchange ideas, debate, demonstrate with workshops, information and an open mind to see where each can help the other. This is an opportunity for anyone interested in healing themselves or others to learn, see, ask and experience the best of many healing practices. It is most encouraging to see on the programme a large number of medical doctors and a wide spectrum of therapists representing different healing modalities coming together with the object of healing together. It is long overdue – Let the programme begin. We ´re going and would be delighted to see  YOU THERE!!!

Here is the web page,



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Spring splendour

Publicado el 08/05/2015 en Salud

SP_A0070We have just been for a walk in the countryside near to where we live. It is alive with vibrant colours and smells. The predominant colours of the moment are yellow: (gorse, dandelion and a host of other flowers which we can’t put a name to); white (jara, chamomile, thyme); purple (mainly rosemary, cantueso, wild lavender, marshmallow and several others). Every now and again poppies add a splash of scarlet red to the canvas.

The subtle smells mingle – the combination of rosemary, thyme, cantueso, jara …. Giving us a marvellous freshness in the gentle breeze around us and an incredible feeling of being in total contact with nature – in oneness with all. A day in which to be really happy to be alive

To me the order of the colours seem to show that nature is nurturing our inner reserves: YELLOWS, purifying all our external energy inputs. WHITE, the fine balanced mix of all our chakra colours. Stimulating our capacity to express and work for higher ideals, PURPLES. And the odd splashes of scarlet (REDS) reminding us of our base, our humanity.

Many of the wild flowers and plants in their glory at the moment are healing plants which if gathered dried and stored can be used to help and heal us throughout the year.

It truly is a Splendid time in Spring – get out there and experience it.


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