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Shiatsu in a hospital in Athens

Publicado el 20/04/2015 en Shiatsu

Shiatsu en hospitales griegosIn the last issue of the British Shiatsu Society Journal appeared an article by Marianna Lazana, head of a team of Shiatsu therapists in the Pain Management Clinic of the University Hospital of Athens, one of the principle health centres in the Greek capital.

Marianna and her team are offering free treatments to patients with chronic problems, as they wouldn’t be able to pay for them given the serious social crisis in Greece. In addition, they are working hand in hand with doctors who refer patients to Shiatsu and other Complementary therapies such as Acupuncture and Reflexology.

The Shiatsu team since 2008 have treated 400 patients (80 men and 320 women). Most of them suffered from musculoskeletal pain (back, knees, shoulder joint). Other conditions treated were fibromyalgia and headaches.

The average number of treatments received by each patient was 12.

Results reported by patients in pain reduction were considered to be excellent: 23% were free of pain after treatments. The majority of others had a 50% reduction in the intensity of their pain. Other conditions improved, such as having a better sleep.

Marianne notices that the patients problems were as much physical as they were emotional and psycho-social, considering the difficult life conditions in Greece at the moment. As a consequence, therapists had to be good listeners and show empathy to the people.


We congratulate Marianna and her team for the great work they are doing, another example of Integrated Medicine, the one that takes the best from Traditional Medicine and Complementary therapy.




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  • this looks like interesting work – thanks for highlighting it!

    Escrito por catherine scanlon el 07/05/2015 a las 06:50

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