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Shiatsu in Wood time

Publicado el 23/03/2015 en Shiatsu

 Arbol en rocaThe months of Spring in Chinese Medicine relate to the element Wood, represented by the energies of Liver and Gall Bladder, which control free circulation of Blood and Qi in the body.

The external injuring condition affecting these energies is wind, which is prevalent in these months and we need to take adequate precautions if we want to avoid adversely being affected by it.

The body areas related to these energies are the muscles, ligaments and joints and the negative emotions, anger and impatience. The body sense and sense organs corresponding to wood are sight and the eyes.

Wood energy is directed upward and outward and can be very powerful as we can see in the attached photo*, where wood in nature has the ability to break through and split solid rock in its quest to go upward and outward. During the spring time, when this energy is out of balance people tend to suffer with muscle and joint problems, often with wandering pains in different joints / muscles. Anger and impatience as the result of the strong upward movement of energy can also result in violent headaches and eye problems, along with high blood pressure and its consequences.

In a Shiatsu treatment, to help these problems we would treat the relevant energy meridian / s along with others which would nurture or help unblock stuck and contracted energy (e.g. Water and Earth energies). Stretches, joint mobilisations and other dispersion techniques might also be used. Advice on suitable stretches and exercises to open and free contracted energies would be given, along with suggestions to guard against wind and drafts, plus suitable nutritional advice.

*We want to thank our friend Paco Frontiñán for the attached photo.

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