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Head and shoulders above the rest

Publicado el 31/01/2015 en Digitopuntura y masaje en silla

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThroughout the day and night our head (brain) is giving us orders and instructions and our shoulders bear the brunt of the responsibility of the decisions we take. Between the two is our neck, the bridge over or through which all the traffic passes carrying fuel, messages and waste products to the respective parts of our body where it has to be used, processed and/or disposed of. All this moves through a myriad of muscles, tendons, nerve plexuses, blood and lymph vessels and around and through tricky bone structures in the neck.

It is not surprising that these areas particularly tend to get congested with waste toxins, stress and tension. Many of our clients come for us to deal with stress and tension in these areas. Acupressure and shiatsu are very effective in relieving tension aches and pains in head, neck and shoulders.

Have a look at our video on U-Tube showing part of the acupressure sequence on the neck. Try a treatment and you could feel head and shoulders above the rest, at least for the rest of the day.


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Happy hands

Publicado el 21/01/2015 en Digitopuntura y masaje en silla

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOur hands and fingers are working more than ever before. I- phones and computers along with all their new applications (Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter…), they all need our hands and fingers to rapidly touch the little keys or the screen so that we can be up to date and in touch with the world around us!!!

Our hands are made up of a multitude of small bones, muscles, ligaments, tendons and nerves. They all also get tired and stressed but we seldom give them much personal attention. They are now in some people probably one of the most worked areas of our muscular / skeletal system and need a bit of extra attention so they can work efficiently for us for the duration of our lives.

In the acupressure chair massage sequence,( which was originally designed for office workers), we give a robust treatment to the wrist, hands and fingers with friction, pressure, and stretching techniques which help to relax, disperse and release tension.

People regularly comment on how good the work on the hands feels and on the sensation of release they get from it.

Now you know! Get some Happy Hands.



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Acupressure and Shiatsu to prevent illness

Publicado el 17/01/2015 en Digitopuntura y masaje en silla

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAMedicine promotes early detection, but the real problem is one of prevention. The merit is not as much in curing as it is in avoiding illness in the first place.

Natural Medicine has always promoted a style of life according to natural laws as the best way to prevent illness.

Natural laws are all based in moderation: adequate food, balance between rest and exercise, mental control. In one word, harmony at all levels.

To achieve harmony we can use a variety of therapies, among them Acupressure and Shiatsu, which work through the energetic Channels and Acupuncture points in order to calm what is in excess and stimulate what is deficient.

Our next Acupressure and Chair Massage starts on 21st of February: here is your chance.

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The rich tapestry of Acupuncture/Acupressure point names

Publicado el 12/01/2015 en Digitopuntura y masaje en silla

babygoatMany acupuncture / acupressure points have interesting names translated from the original Chinese texts. Different texts can sometimes have very different translations.

How about, “centre of the goat smell“, which certainly conjures up strange associations especially as the point in question is situated directly between the breasts. We are not quiet sure how it got this name. However this same point in other texts is referred to as “the sea of tranquillity“ or “sea of Qi (energy)” which probable are more apt names for it as it is often used to calm emotional imbalances and aid concentration.

Within the points used in the acupressure massage sequence we teach we don’t stimulate the “centre of the goat smell” so there is no need to worry about releasing any strange odours! The sequence is focused on the back and buttocks, shoulders, head, neck, arms and hands and we work on points with intriguing names such as :-

Sea of vitality,  Jumping circle,  Shoulder well,  Gates of consciousness, One hundred meeting point,  Wind mansion,  Crooked pond,   Palace of anxiety.

These are a few of the many and varied descriptions you can come across for some of the points that we work on. If you have an explorative and enquiring mind it can be fascinating discovering the origins for the various names and if not, then it’s easy to just enjoy the richness of the verbal descriptions and the images they conjure up.

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With Nature’s rhythm

Publicado el 05/01/2015 en Salud

SP_A0040After the Christmas and seasonal excesses, here we are back with you.

It is interesting to observe, at this time of the year, how while Nature is quiet and silent, we human beings are frantic with shopping, meals, meetings, parties, etc. We go through an explosion of energy which often damages, not only our pockets, but also our physical and emotional health. After all this it takes a lot to get back to the rhythm of Nature, which right now is starting its rebirth, but we need to make an effort.

For me, I need to prepare the terrain first, so I can build on it.

Firstly, my diet, increasing the cleansing foods with more salads, such as lettuce and pomegranate, avocado and oranges, chicory and walnuts, etc. And more cooked vegetables: broccoli, cauliflower, artichokes, leeks, pumpkin, etc.

Then, I’m going to increase my liquid intake drinking two or three glasses of tepid water when I get up in the morning. During the day, I shall carry on drinking water and herbal teas such as dandelion, horsetail, which are diuretic and remineralising. I may add camomile, nettle or artichoke to assist liver function.

Last, but not least, I shall take a good walk everyday.

In three or four weeks, I should be back in touch with Nature’s rhythm, ready for the Spring.

Have I got anybody to join me?

¡Felices Reyes Magos!

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