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Wholegrain flours

Publicado el 27/10/2014 en Salud

spelt wheatRefined white flours which are almost exclusively used in our day to day bakery products use only the endosperm of a cereals grain (mainly pure carbohydrate – which provides us with energy). This is absorbed quickly into our bodies and can rapidly raise blood sugar levels. Consumption in excess, over time, can cause obesity, diabetes and many other ailments including cardiovascular problems.

Wholegrain flours however contain all the natural ingredients of the cereal grain: the husk (insoluble fibre), the germ (proteins and vitamins, generally B group, minerals, unsaturated fats) and the endosperm (carbohydrates).

Wholegrain flours contain all the necessary components to assist the digestion and absorption of the nutrients in the grains. They allow the carbohydrates to be released and absorbed gradually and do not unduly raise blood sugar levels. Their fibre content aids the cleaning and transit of waste through the digestive system and also absorbs toxins which are excreted with the waste. They are a complete food when used in their complete form.

They each have a unique taste so do your self a favour, try buying or even better baking with wholemeal flours. Some of the better known ones are Spelt, Kamut, Rye ,Maize and Oats.

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BREAKFAST, an important meal?

Publicado el 20/10/2014 en Alimentación


Yes, very important. Because of this, this week we are going to give you some ideas to make breakfast healthy and appetising.

For this you need to have all or some of these ingredients.


*Whole food ecological cereal flakes (oats, rye, barley…)

*Sunflower or pumpkin seeds, sesame seeds, sultanas, nuts

*Natural yoghourt without sugar, if possible ecological

*Whole flour bread (wheat, spelt, rye)

*Tomatoes, avocados

*Extra virgin olive oil, butter



As you wake up drink a glass of warm water and have some fruit (whole or freshly pressed). By doing this, your body gets hydrated and the digestive function is stimulated.

If possible, allow 30 minutes before eating breakfast. Then, decide what you are going to have:

For instance, you can start with some yoghourt followed by bread drizzled with olive oil, some grated tomato and avocado. Occasionally, you can use butter instead of oil and add some honey or sesame seeds if you like them. You can alternate bread with a home made wholemeal cake (see recipes in our blog).

The above is a Mediterranean sort of breakfast, but you can opt for a “warmer” version such as porridge made preferably with ecological oat flakes, some sultanas, seeds and nuts. Oats are easily digested and help to alleviate constipation problems.

To drink, have a small cup of coffee, some tea or a herbal infusion.

Within this basic frame, you can introduce variations: what about some fresh cheese, a poached egg or toast with ecological jam (with little sugar)? Or still better: Introduce your own variations, personalise your breakfast and make it a work of art!

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Essential Shiatsu

Publicado el 14/10/2014 en Homepage
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Publicado el 13/10/2014 en Salud

autumn-food1We have entered the first weeks of autumn. It is the time of year, when we need to start to internalise and build up our reserves. Eat appropriate foods to strengthen our bodies and immune systems in readiness for the winter months ahead.

Squirrels collect and hoard nuts, ants – seeds. Some birds migrate to warmer climates; others grow thicker their plumage. Trees lose their leaves to build up their nutrient reserves to survive the winter and get ready for new growth and foliage in the spring. There are changes happening throughout nature in preparation for the seasonal changes that are on the way.

We too, need to change with the season. Eat what our local environment produces naturally in the season. Wear appropriate clothing to keep warm, especially, our waists and around our necks and throats areas which frequently get affected at this time of year. Slow down our normal routine, give more time to meditation and inspirational reading and focus more on the home and family, go to bed earlier and get up later if that is possible in rhythm with the day / night light cycle.

Nature gives us the clues to the colours we need to focus on, in our food and in our clothing: oranges, yellows, reds, greens and browns. Eat and wear them and feel the difference.

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(Español) DIGITOPUNTURA y SHIATSU:una buena combinación

Publicado el 05/10/2014 en Cursos

Sorry, this entry is only available in European Spanish.

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