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Effective technique

Publicado el 05/09/2013 en Cursos

For those of us who do bodywork (Shiatsu, Massage, etc.), there are basic techniques in common and our success in the profession depends on how we apply them.

We are talking, for instance, about the ability to adopt correct body postures in a treatment and vary them according to our needs. In addition, we include the ability to use hands, fingers, elbows, etc., in a sensible and effortless way, to avoid the risks of unnecessary tiredness and injuries.

In Shiatsu y bienestar, we have come to value through experience the importance of the therapists preparation and personal care. Actually, this is at the core of our Courses which, we can say with satisfaction, are attended not only by beginners, but also by advanced students and professionals who want to improve their technique and have a more successful and a longer professional life.

If you are, or you want to be, a bodyworker, check our Course calendar for years 2013/2014


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