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Publicado el 14/06/2013 en Shiatsu

With the present crisis affecting so many, we at Shiatsu and Well – being have been asking ourselves how we are contributing to help alleviate the common problems and difficulties that people are experiencing at the moment. If we look at the comments from the people that come to us for treatments, many of them after a treatment tell us that they feel better mentally,physically and emotionally, with comments like :-

”  Lighter,”” Calmer,” ” More mentally clarity,”  “Move more easily, ” ” more alive ”  ” More centered,” ” Happier.” With this kind of  feedback we have to believe we are contributing something positive,  for if only one person goes away feeling more hopeful, more secure in his/ her own worth or with no or less pain thanks to Shiatsu or Seated acupressure massage our contribution is assured.

As we organize courses we have noticed the fall in the number of people registering: The crisis affects everyone and everything. However, as more than one person has come to us precisely because their personal situations were difficult and they wanted to re-orientate and re-animate new enthusiasm into their lives, this, gives us hope and reaffirms our work as Shiatsu professionals in these times of crisis.

A Happy Summer to you all !

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  • yes, tricky times – I agree shiatsu can form a kind of support to help us get through it – good to see you doing this important work.

    Escrito por Catherine Scanlon el 20/06/2013 a las 19:18

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